(all times Eastern Daylight Time)
6:30PM - Dragon Con Update
8:30PM - Dragon Con Wrestling
10:30PM - Dragon Con Wrestling *Rebroadcast*
1:00AM - Twisted Toonz *Rebroadcast*
7:00PM - Making a Bag of Holding
8:30PM - Herstorically Speaking: Women of the Wild West
10:00PM - Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
9:00AM - The Late Show
10:00AM - Tony Lately: An Hour with Gina Torres, Sean Maher, & Jewel Staite
11:30AM - Time with Brian: Ian Alexander, Emily Coutts, & Wilson Cruz
1:00PM - The Cuphead Show Cast Discussion and Q&A
2:30PM - Garrett and His Friend, George Takei
4:00PM - Marc's Corner: with Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner
5:00PM - An Hour with Matt Davis, Quincy Fouse, Steven Krueger, & Ben Levin
6:30PM - Dragon Con Update
7:15PM - Dragon Con Legends: Mercedes Lackey *Pre-Recorded*
8:30PM - Friday Night Costuming Contest
11:30PM - Friday Night Costuming Contest *Rebroadcast*
10:00AM - Unleashing Diversity: Inspiring Action for Inclusive Spaces
11:30AM - Magical Girl Qualification Project
1:00PM - How to Digitize Your Original Pattern with Inkscape for Reusing, Adjusting, and Archiving Purposes
2:30PM - Build Your Own Press Kit: A Walk Through Workshop
4:00PM - The History, Evolution, and Fun of D&D Monsters
5:30PM - Stranger Things Season 5 Fan Theories: Hot or Not?
7:00PM - Building Inclusive YA Worlds
8:30PM - Roll-a-Panel: Fictional Bands of Movies, TV, and Cartoons
10:00PM - The Mandalorian Show Recap *SPOILER WARNING*
9:00AM - The Late Show
10:00AM - 23rd Annual Dragon Con Parade Coverage
11:30AM - An Hour with Tom Cavanagh, Willa Holland, Katherine McNamara, & Carlos Valdes
1:00PM - Crispy Business with Colby Minifie & Nathan Mitchell
2:30PM - Twisted Toonz! A Comedic Reading!
4:00PM - Talking with Tony P: Paul Bettany
5:30PM - An Hour with Adam Savage - Q&A *Rebroadcast*
6:30PM - Dragon Con Update
7:00PM - Dragon Con Legends: Harry Turtledove *Pre-Recorded*
8:30PM - Celebrating The World of Sid & Marty Krofft Theme Park Discussion and Q&A *Rebroadcast*
10:00PM - Improv D&D *Rebroadcast*
11:30PM - The Cults of Dragon Con Costume Contest *Rebroadcast*
1:00AM - The Dragon’s Cup Knights Tournaments *Rebroadcast*
10:00AM - All about the Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA)
11:30AM - Avatar: Pandora's Journey
1:00PM - The Power of No: A Character Analysis of Captain Liam Shaw
2:30PM - Bob & Carl: AMA
4:00PM - Horror Hosts: An American Tradition
5:30PM - You Walked HOW FAR?!?!
7:00PM - If Only...
8:30PM - Who Needs Bond? Idris Is John Luther
10:00PM - Epic Women Doing Epic Fantasy
9:00AM - The Late Show
10:00AM - Chatting with Daniel: Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian, & Tracy Scoggins
11:30AM - Brenda's Agenda with Dan Fogler, Ryan Hurst, & Khary Payton
1:00PM - A Spot with Dot: A Conversation with Andy Serkis and Elijah Wood
2:30PM - Colby in Dolby: with A. Mount, E. Peck, C. Rose Gooding, & C. Chong
4:00PM - Tony Lately: with K. O'Brian, O. Abtahi, D. Bradley Baker, and F. Prinze Jr
5:30PM - Marc's Corner: with Gary Jones, Paul McGillion, & David Nykl *Rebroadcast*
6:30PM - Dragon Con Update
7:00PM - Dragon Con Legends: Jane Yolan *Pre-Recorded*
8:30PM - Dragon Con Masquerade: Hosted by Eddie McClintock and Tony Gowell
11:00PM - Dragon Con Masquerade *Rebroadcast*
2:30AM - Villain Vogue Fashon Show *Rebroadcast*
10:00AM - Perilous and Fair: The Women of Middle Earth
11:30AM - Warrior Cats: 20th Anniversary
1:00PM - Carlo Barberi: The Journey of an Artist
2:30PM - The Science of D&D Monsters
4:00PM - Humble Beginnings - 1930s Sci-Fi
5:30PM - Cinematics in Video Games: Blurring Lines between Games & Movies
7:00PM - Light in the Darkness: the Role of Humor in Urban Fantasy
8:30PM - Take Me to Your Leader: Serve, Work, or Separate?
10:00PM - My Favorite Influences
9:00AM - The Late Show
10:00AM - An Hour with Henry Ian Cusick, Richard Harmon, Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, Tasya Teles, & Luisa d'Oliveira *Rebroadcast*
11:30AM - Rob's Antics with Vinessa Shaw, Omri Katz, & Jason Marsden *Rebroadcast*
1:00PM - An Hour with Jordan Hinson Danger, Colin Ferguson, Neil Grayston, Ed Quinn, & Salli Richardson-Whitfield
2:30PM - Crispy Business with with Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, Adrianne Palicki, & Mark Jackson *Rebroadcast*
10:00PM - UFO... UAP... What's Going On?
11:30AM - Top Animation of 2022
1:00PM - 2024's Total Solar Eclipse across America - Make Your Plans NOW!
2:30PM - Exploring Martial Arts in Film