6:30PM - Dragon Con Update
7:00PM - Dragon Con Wrestling
10:00PM - Twisted Toonz! *Rebroadcast*
11:30PM - Troublemaker: The Dragon Cut
7:00PM - An Easy Intro to Star Wars
8:00PM - The Urban Fantasy Protagonist
9:00PM - Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda Anthology
10:00PM - Tabletop Gaming through the Web
9:00AM - The Dragon Con Late Show
10:00AM - Battlestar Galactica - Operation Resurrection
11:30AM - Smallville: The Super-Reunion Friday Edition
1:00PM - An Hour with Neville Longbottom & Ginny Weasley
2:30PM - Shazam Guests: Powered by the Gods
4:00PM - Women of Sci-Fi
5:30PM - It's a Bird, It's a Werewolf...It's Tyler Hoechlin! *Rebroadcast*
6:30PM - Dragon Con Update
7:00PM - Netflix's Norsemen *Prerecorded*
8:30PM - Friday Night Costuming Contest
11:30PM - Friday Night Costuming Contest *Rebroadcast*
9:00AM - The Architecture of Dragon Con - How John Portman's Genius Built Our Home
10:00AM - Flash Gordon: 40 Years of Saving Every One of Us
11:00AM - Solar Sails: Using Sunlight To Explore the Solar System and Beyond
12:00PM - Think Ink
1:00PM - Charles Saunders: The Founder of Sword and Soul
2:00PM - 1-on-1 with Courtenay Taylor
3:00PM - Trope-a-Licious
4:00PM - Bridgerton: Our Love Affair with Regency Romance
5:00PM - One True Pairing - Improv Shipping!
6:00PM - The Wakanda for All! Crew Discuss CW’s Black Lightning
7:00PM - Dystopias: Writing an Imperfect World
8:00PM - An Interview with Wil McCarthy
9:00PM - James Bond: Tribute Panel to Sean Connery
10:00PM - Doctor Who: Where to Get Started
11:00PM - How to Wear Skimpy Costumes While Still Being Modest
9:00AM - The Dragon Con Late Show
10:00AM - 21st Annual Dragon Con Parade Coverage
11:30AM - O Captain, My Captain - William Shatner
1:00PM - Interview with Robert Silverberg *Prerecorded*
2:30PM - The Boys Cast Are Back in Town
4:00PM - Star Trek: Discovery
5:30PM - The Mandalorian: The Armorer & The Doctor *Rebroadcast*
6:30PM - Dragon Con Update
7:30PM - Twisted Toonz!
8:30PM - Guest of Honor John Scalzi *Rebroadcast*
10:00PM - Outside Wonkru: A Visit with The 100 Cast *Rebroadcast*
11:30PM - The Knights Tournaments *Rebroadcast*
9:00AM - Art & Animation Industry Tools
10:00AM - Perseverance is on Mars! Let the Science Begin!
11:00AM - Kids Talk Minecraft
12:00PM - Scientists & Star Trek
1:00PM - Spotlight on Tini Howard
2:00PM - NYT Bestselling Authors Tell All
3:00PM - Burning a Design onto a Wood Surface
4:00PM - More Famous & Not-So-Famous Unsolved Codes
5:00PM - Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Anniversary
6:00PM - Characters Running Amok
7:00PM - The Fast & the Furious Science
8:00PM - Azurabee's Ultimate Werewolf - Puppet Edition
9:00PM - Concert - Brobdingnagian Bards
10:00PM - Producing an Actual-Play vs. Playing TTRPG Home Games
11:00PM - The Franchising: Slasher Sequels of 1981
9:00AM - The Dragon Con Late Show
10:00AM - Land of the Lost Reunion - Sunday Edition
11:30AM - Steven Universe Future Vision
1:00PM - Star Trek: Discovery
2:30PM - Animaniacs
4:00PM - American Gods Cast
5:30PM - Batwoman Guests - Batcave VIP Access
6:30PM - Dragon Con Update
7:00PM - An Hour with Dan Abnett & Graham McNeill *Prerecorded*
9:30PM - Dragon Con Masquerade
11:00PM - Dragon Con Masquerade *Rebroadcast*
9:00AM - Electromagnetic Pulse: Separating Science from Science Fiction
10:00AM - Lobot Needs Love: A Celebration of Star Wars’ Supporting Characters
11:00AM - The Unhelpful Legacy of Mad Scientists
12:00PM - The Life & Career of George Pérez
1:00PM - 1-on-1 with Sean Copeland
2:00PM - Saving the Earth From Space: Planetary Sunshades
3:00PM - Godzilla vs. Kong
4:00PM - Kids Draw with Shawn Durington
5:00PM - Twenty Tips & Tricks for Every GM
6:00PM - Watching Urban Fantasy
7:00PM - Mistakes that Changed History
8:00PM - Finding Your Niche in Digital Media
9:00PM - My Monster Can Beat up Your Monster
10:00PM - Starting a Band Online
11:00PM - Fear into Fiction
9:00AM - The Dragon Con Late Show
10:00AM - The Walking Dead: An Hour with the Cast *Rebroadcast*
11:30AM - Supernatural Cast Panel *Rebroadcast*
1:00PM - Overwatch Voice Actor Q&A *Rebroadcast*
2:30PM - What We Do in the Shadows *Rebroadcast*
10:00AM - Rule 41: FBI Hacks into Exchange Servers to Patch Them!
11:00PM - Emergencies: Fake News & the Search for Accurate Information
12:00PM - Making a Custom Stamp for T-Shirt Printing
1:00PM - Roll-a-Panel: Sci-Fi Movies from 1991 & 1996
2:00PM - From Fiction to Science
3:00PM - Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Let's Change the World
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